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Welcome to Dar Eloyoun
Dar El Oyoun Eye Institution (DEO) Is a chain of hospitals and centers ( 13 ) inside Egypt and Libya. It is a private institution with research and clinical services characterized by a unique situation being managed according to highest standards of clinical and corporate governance .It is owned by highly specialized ophthalmic doctors as well as ophthalmic anesthesiologists and managed by highly specialized well experienced healthcare managers. Staffing is one of the key power of Dar El Oyoun Eye Hospitals and centers (Almost 62 Professors , associate professors and Lecturers). Dar El Oyoun Eye hospitals and centers is formed of 7 main hospitals , the main referral hospital is located in Sheikh Zayed - 6th October city - Giza Province Egypt, offering top quality ophthalmic services for all. At Saft Al Laban Branch we serve bottom of the pyramid by offering subsidized services with completely free surgeries for the poorest sector of the poor.
Being one of the pioneer institution and centre of excellence in combating blindness as well as managing the occupational risks and environmental hazards related to eye healthcare.
DEO hospitals are capable to serve as follow:
- Referral clinical assistance for Egyptian physicians as well as Arab ophthalmologists.
- Continuous medical education CME program and training in-house ,all ophthalmic-related aspects and skills, academic and clinical research.
- Outreaches inside Egypt as well as other Arab countries.
Our Mission: Provision of comprehensive high quality medical care specialized in the field of ophthalmology, responsive to the needs of the community, accessible and affordable to every patient in return of fees, and to ensure sustainability through Dar El Oyoun Hospitals and centers.
- Human resource development in the field of Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, Nursing and Medical Technology.
- A center of excellence in management of specialized hospitals. Establishing links with well-known eye centers of the world.
Our image in the eye of the community : high quality hospital
Vision: Dar El Oyoun is Planned to b a unique referral ophthalmic institution within its field in the whole world, through the application of advanced up to date ophthalmic technology
and top quality ophthalmic materials and activities connected to Ophthalmology and related topics
Future Plans :In the next 7 years , establishing a specialized referral ophthalmic hospitals in all governorates of Egypt as well as capitals of the Arab countries.
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My Medical File
LenSx Laser "Femto-Cataract" In Arkan-Sheikh Zayed
Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery Has Arrived

Dar El Oyoun - Damietta
The newest branch outside of Cairo-Giza will be in Damietta this within the coming four months year 2014

Egyptian Femto&Refractive Surgery Group In Dar El Oyoun
Egyptian Femto&Refractive Surgery Group In Dar El Oyoun "EFCRG"

Meet The Expert Dar Eloyoun Cornea & Refractive meeting
24 jan 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Marriot Hotel - AIDA Ballroom

The first financial transparency and corporate governance course in Egypt
The first financial transparency and corporate governance course in Egypt was held 26-28 Dec 2010 under

Responsible business conduct
Standard Chartered Bank & Rotary club and Dar el oyoun started a promising project under the name " Seeing is beleiving "

DEO news Lette
A new monthly magazine is now available from Dar El Oyoun

DEO in the first Healthcare City in Egypt
Rofayda Healthcare Park, the first healthcare city in Egypt

A dream to come true, DEO s new home announced
Prof.Dr.Sherif Sheta the chairman,welcomed the new shareholders

Dar El Oyoun is in a continous progress
Dar El Oyoun announced the arrival of the best and safest machine served to treat surgically your retina
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