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The latest innovation in Laser Eye Surgery

Our Hospital presents the most updated technology in correcting different errors of refraction.
Using the new Alcon Refractive Suite, our Refractive & Lasik Department provides you with different information and investigations you need to get rid of your glasses . . . in a femtosecond

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An overview of the hospital

Dar El Oyoun Eye Hospitals provide many medical and surgical services. Our staff are always available to help you and to direct you to the specialized clinic that suits your need. Our general and specialized clinics are always open 6 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm.

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Our hospitals provide you with different types of investigations that your ophthalmologist may ask for during your examination visit.
These investigations include:
Fluorescein Angiography
Anterior Segment OCT
Posterior Segment OCT (macula - optic nerve head)
Ocular Ultrasonography
Field of vision (Perimetry)

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Why do people need OCT testing of the retina or optic nerve?

You may be asked to repeat this test at regular intervals if you are having treatments injected into your eye or if you have had surgery. All your scans are saved on the computer and can be easily accessed to monitor your progress.

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Who We Are

Dar El Oyoun Eye Institution (DEO) Is a chain of hospitals and centers ( 13 ) inside Egypt and Libya. It is a private institution with research and clinical services characterized by a unique situation being managed according to highest standards of clinical and corporate governance.

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Get in touch with us Hotline 19978

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Our Branches

  • Rofayda Health Park - Sheikh Zayed - 2nd Entrance - Opposite to Arkan Mall - Giza

  • 0237963013/4/5/6/7/8

  • 9 Al Ghazaly St. off Mosaddak St. - Dokki - Giza

  • 01000180780 - 01225155588


  • New Damietta - Central Area - Opposite to Mahgoub Street - Damietta

  • 01006677720


  • Qena Hospital St. beside Faculty of Medicine (Qena University)

  • 0965347693

  • El Gouna Hospital - El Gouna - Hurghada

  • 01221741015


  • Al Moatassem bellah St. off Al Tahrir St. - Saft El Laban

  • 01226155599


  • 4 Talaat St. - Ard El Hureya - Behind Beni Sweif Police Station

  • 01099911337 - 0106337773

  • 15 El Nabawy El Mohandes St. - Beside Al Iman Radiology Center - Fayium

  • 01112361246 - 01112361255