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Enrich your financial knowledge

Tips & Warnings

  • Lifestyles change, so make your financial plan flexible.

  • Revisit your plan at least once a year.

  • Unless you have the time and inclination to do it yourself, seek qualified professional advice on matters involving taxes, business and estate planning.

  • Integrate your personal values into your financial plan.

  • When opportunities and challenges arise, use your financial plan as a standard against which to make decisions.

  • While free seminars, workshops and course work may be helpful, don't waste your time on schemes that promise shortcuts to wealth.

  • Carefully evaluate prepackaged financial plans that only require filling in dollar amounts and produce simplified solutions to complex financial issues.

  • Try not to rely on family members or close relatives for professional advice, especially if they have a vested interest in your financial plan.

  • Flexibility is important, but without specific goals, supporting objectives and action steps, you have no plan.


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My Medical File
LenSx Laser "Femto-Cataract" In Arkan-Sheikh Zayed
Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery Has Arrived

Dar El Oyoun - Damietta
The newest branch outside of Cairo-Giza will be in Damietta this within the coming four months year 2014

Egyptian Femto&Refractive Surgery Group In Dar El Oyoun
Egyptian Femto&Refractive Surgery Group In Dar El Oyoun "EFCRG"

Meet The Expert Dar Eloyoun Cornea & Refractive meeting
24 jan 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Marriot Hotel - AIDA Ballroom

The first financial transparency and corporate governance course in Egypt
The first financial transparency and corporate governance course in Egypt was held 26-28 Dec 2010 under

Responsible business conduct
Standard Chartered Bank & Rotary club and Dar el oyoun started a promising project under the name " Seeing is beleiving "

DEO news Lette
A new monthly magazine is now available from Dar El Oyoun

DEO in the first Healthcare City in Egypt
Rofayda Healthcare Park, the first healthcare city in Egypt

A dream to come true, DEO s new home announced
Prof.Dr.Sherif Sheta the chairman,welcomed the new shareholders

Dar El Oyoun is in a continous progress
Dar El Oyoun announced the arrival of the best and safest machine served to treat surgically your retina
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