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Creativity & Innovation Award
Hospital management decided to adopt Dar eye for innovation and creative behavior and to depart from the routine and familiar and attention to innovation as an ongoing process aimed at achieving harmony with the requirements of the new and the needs of change and innovation.
In light of the challenges facing the hospital in an era of openness and globalization, in line with the rapid changes on the regional and local level, it has become necessary for the transformation and upgrading the level of services provided, even up to a state of excellence, innovation and creativity, which is an example of the wishes of both health care providers and beneficiaries
What is creativity?
a distinct ability to achieve the goals and the results achieved to the interests of the beneficiaries,
is the intelligent use of available resources, and to overcome the problems in new ways sophisticated
a set of operations that is available, including Istkhaddmhamozv of his abilities and what surrounds it from stimuli to reach an idea or style win-win for the hospital
Innovation Award
Catalysts of creativity: the amount will be disbursed in 2000 pounds in the case of innovation in the implementation of the employee: WORK His creative idea for the benefit of the place
Is the formulation of the idea in principle and the preparation of a study on the implementation mechanisms and implementation steps and ideas are delivered to the Quality Management
Will be the formation of a higher committee to review creative ideas and approval
Employee receives a certificate of employee creative
Creativity involves all sections of the hospital administrative and medical all levels
Not limited to the ideas section which is staffed by an employee, it extends to all sections of the hospital

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My Medical File
LenSx Laser "Femto-Cataract" In Arkan-Sheikh Zayed
Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery Has Arrived

Dar El Oyoun - Damietta
The newest branch outside of Cairo-Giza will be in Damietta this within the coming four months year 2014

Egyptian Femto&Refractive Surgery Group In Dar El Oyoun
Egyptian Femto&Refractive Surgery Group In Dar El Oyoun "EFCRG"

Meet The Expert Dar Eloyoun Cornea & Refractive meeting
24 jan 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Marriot Hotel - AIDA Ballroom

The first financial transparency and corporate governance course in Egypt
The first financial transparency and corporate governance course in Egypt was held 26-28 Dec 2010 under

Responsible business conduct
Standard Chartered Bank & Rotary club and Dar el oyoun started a promising project under the name " Seeing is beleiving "

DEO news Lette
A new monthly magazine is now available from Dar El Oyoun

DEO in the first Healthcare City in Egypt
Rofayda Healthcare Park, the first healthcare city in Egypt

A dream to come true, DEO s new home announced
Prof.Dr.Sherif Sheta the chairman,welcomed the new shareholders

Dar El Oyoun is in a continous progress
Dar El Oyoun announced the arrival of the best and safest machine served to treat surgically your retina
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